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Quantum Consulting provides the shoring design services listed below.  These are performed on a site specific basis, working with information provided by the geotechnical engineer.

Shoring Walls with Cantilevered Soldier Piles
Cylindrical holes are drilled from the current ground surface down to a depth below the proposed excavation.  These holes are spaced at a uniform distance (typically 4 to 8 feet on center), and are typically between 16” to 30” in diameter.  The holes are filled with concrete grout and steel wide flange beam sections are placed in the center of the holes while the grout is fluid.  After the grout has cured, timber lagging is placed between the flanges of the wide flange sections as the excavation proceeds downward.  Cantilevered soldier piles are typically limited to excavations which are 15’ deep or less.

Shoring Walls with Soldier Piles and Tensioned Tie-Backs
Similar to the cantilevered shoring except that tie-backs are installed to help brace the wide flange sections.  These tie-backs typically consist of 6” to 8” diameter shafts drilled at a 25 degree angle, filled with grout and tensioned with high strength steel cables.  The tie-backs are typically attached to the steel section with a welded bracket approximately 8’ to 10’ below grade.  Tiebacks are often placed in multiple rows for deeper excavations (over 25’ deep).

Shoring Walls with internal bracing, rakers, and whalers
Similar to the cantilevered shoring except that bracing members are installed to help brace the wide flange sections. 

Shoring Project Examples:
10th and Union, Seattle, WA
Ruby Condominiums, Seattle, WA
Citizen Apartments, Seattle, WA
REO Flats, Seattle, WA
Seamark Village, Seattle, WA
Village Green, Issaquah, WA
Solimano, Seattle, WA



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