Iglesia De Cristo Ministerios
Downey, CA | Architect: Joel Colombo

Quantum Consulting Engineers provided the structural design for a 66,000 square foot auditorium for the Church of Christ Ministries complex in Downey, California. The two-story steel framed structure uses special concentric steel braced frames as the lateral-force resisting system. The project featured a complex curved balcony level that seats 1,800 people with the total seating at 4,600. In order to keep sightlines clear of columns, the roof girder trusses to span 147 feet while maintaining a maximum depth of only 66 inches to stay within the strict local height limits.

Another design challenge was the interface of the new steel building and an existing CMU structure. Because the finished floor height of the new structure was lower than that of the existing building, Quantum Consulting Engineers had to design and coordinate the phasing for underpinning the existing building. Each corner of the auditorium has glass enclosed circular stairwell entries that also incorporate a ramp structure. Due to the complexity of these elements and the tight coordination required between the architect, engineer and contractor, Quantum Consulting Engineers created all of the steel shop drawings for these elements along with the shop drawings for the grand entry stair.


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Iglesia De Cristo Ministerios

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