Port of Sacramento - Import Cement Terminal Towers
Sacramento, CA | Architect: Client: Port of Sacramento

Quantum Consulting Engineers provided structural design for an import cement powder storage tower. The cement is imported by ship to the Port of Sacramento, uploaded with vacuum equipment, and transported under pressure from the docks in underground piping that continues above grade into the building. The piping is suspended from the roof of the building and dumps concrete powder which is pushed into pits that feed a bucket elevator that loads tanks. Cement bulk trucks are filled from the storage tanks in a truck load -out area.

The tower is 17’ wide x 19’ long x 130’ high. This tower encloses the bucket elevator used for drawing cement powder out of the main powder storage building and into conical bottom tanks in the truck load-out area. Knight Building Systems performed a design/build on this tower, using structural steel framing with zee girts from VP for secondary framing. VP’s Ash Gray Panel Rib profile was used on the walls.

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