Sea-Tac International Airport
Seattle, WA | Architect: Cleint: Berger/ABAM Engineers

Quantum Consulting Engineers provided structural engineering and seismic design for the Port of Seattle's $35-million Sea-Tac International Airport Passenger Terminal Seismic Upgrade project.  Quantum Consulting Engineers has been a part of the seismic team for almost ten years, working with Berger/ABAM, and architect  Arai Jackson Ellison Murakami in finding innovative and cost-effective designs for the seismic upgrades in the passenger terminal, including diagonal steel pipe bracing at the baggage and ticketing levels, beam-to-column connection strengthening, expansion joint closure, base-plate anchorage strengthening, penthouse bracing, bagwell grade beams, and promenade-level sloping glass support replacement.

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Sea-Tac International Airport
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