Climbing Walls
Various Locations | Architect: Vertical Solutions

Quantum Consulting Engineers has provided structural engineering designs for over 30 climbing wall structures. These climbing walls range from small walls for private residences to large climbing gyms with many walls. These gyms are located in a variety of locations including: Japan; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Squamish, BC; Austin, TX; Wasilla, AK; Eugene, OR; and various cities throughout Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

Quantum has worked closely with Vertical Solutions to help develop two climbing wall framing systems as well as structural design criteria. Through performing product testing of the wall assembly and connections, Quantum was able to reduce material costs and increase construction efficiency for the climbing walls. All of the climbing wall designs utilize 3D computer modeling of the climbing wall surface and wall support frames. In many cases the climbing walls are freestanding structures that are not attached to the main building framing.  When the climbing walls are supported by the main building structure, Quantum works closely with the building engineer to coordinate loads and attachment requirements for the climbing walls to the building.

Climbing Walls
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