Seismic Engineering

Quantum Consulting Engineers are experienced in the seismic analysis, retrofit, and post-disaster investigation and repair of buildings and structures.   Our engineers are at the forefront of seismic training and have been active in the advance of seismic code development and reconnaissance findings, whether serving on technical advisory committees or traveling in the U.S. and abroad to investigate earthquake damage first-hand.

Seismic Analysis
Quantum provides seismic analysis services to identify hazards and vulnerabilities for a wide variety of public and private sector clients, who receive a detailed report of the seismic deficiencies and mitigation recommendations.

Our engineers have performed seismic retrofits for buildings and structures throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond.  We specialize in finding strengthening solutions that enhance safety, preserve architectural integrity, and minimize impact on operations.  We have particular expertise working with older and historic buildings.

Emergency Response
Quantum specializes in post-disaster response, including investigation and repair services.  Our engineers have performed post-disaster reconnaissance for earthquakes and other natural disasters around the world.  We have emergency response contracts with particular clients to ensure rapid response in the event of a major disaster.

Equipment Anchorage
Quantum provides equipment anchorage and bracing design services for a wide variety of equipment, piping, and machinery.


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